Advent of Code 2019 Day 5 (Part 1) PHP Hints

— Day 5: Sunny with a Chance of Asteroids (Part 1) — Hello – if you’re just visiting this blog for the first time all code can be found on GitHub here. The state of the code at the beginning of this post is release Day4Part2 (as in the end of Day4Part2). You also might like to check […]

Advent of Code 2019 Day 2 (Part 2) PHP Hints

— Day 2: 1202 Program Alarm (Part 2) — The second part of the Day 2 puzzle looks like it doesn’t require any changes to our ElfComputer itself – but requires another ElfComputerInputFinder to run multiple programs to find a specific output after trying different program inputs. So for this part I’m just going to […]